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Cashnet Logistics


Our end to end cash management solution
Retailers want to reduce the costs of cash management, and our complete cash solution helps you to achieve this and operate your business more efficiently.

Fidelity Security Group, the largest security company in South Africa, has partnered with Cashnet Logistics to safe guard and secure your cash collection, including all processes and procedures whilst your cash is in transit.

Netcash provides you with a secure online platform to pay salaries and creditors, manage your risk and view your cash deposits, reports and reconcile your deposits, from anywhere at anytime.

Senate Transit Underwriters
Cashnet Logistics has chosen Senate Transit Underwriters as they are positioned in the market as the most specialised transit insurance provider to the Transport Industry. Being niche' orientated, they are able to immediately provide insurance products and solutions to our clients, incorporating the best expertise and track record available.

Chubb is one of the most recognized security companies in South Africa and Cashnet Logistics has aligned with them to provide you with a state-of-the art technology safe device to secure your cash at all times.

Smart Solutions
Smart Solutions provides the technology to turn our safe device into an intelligent safe, capable of counting your cash in real time, validating cashier deposits, rejecting counterfeit notes, recording and printing deposit reports and communicating directly with your online account.